5 Signs You Should Get a Mole Checked

If you notice a new mole on your body, it’s easy to go into panic mode. Don’t worry—we’re here to help! At SkinSmart Dermatology, our team can determine whether a mole is an area of concern or a normal skin variation. Here, we’ll take a look at five signs that you should give us a call so we can make sure your mole is benign (most are!).

1. Asymmetry

Benign moles are often symmetrical, while cancerous moles are not. You should be able to draw a hypothetical line down the center of your mole, and each side should be a mirror image of the other.

2. Jagged Borders

Moles are typically round or oval-shaped. If the edges of your mole become jagged or bumpy, it’s a good idea to have the area checked out by our dermatologists.

3. Color Changes

If your mole was always one color and has now changed to another, it’s essential to get it checked out by one of our professionals who can determine the reason for the change.

4. Size

Benign moles are typically no bigger than a pencil eraser. If your mole is larger than this, or if you’ve noticed a small mole that has grown larger over time, it’s important to reach out to a dermatologist for further evaluation.

5. Changes

As mentioned, changes in size and color are important reasons to see a dermatologist to get your skin checked out. If you notice that a mole is becoming painful or is rising up from the skin more than it had previously, it’s also wise to see a skin care professional for further evaluation.

When in Doubt, Call

We know that it can be easy to put off a mole check, but we encourage you to reach out to us if anything seems abnormal. We’re here to give you the peace of mind that your mole is safe or provide you with the treatment you need to remove an unsafe mole.

SkinSmart Dermatology: Proud to Serve Sarasota, FL

Our dedicated team at SkinSmart Dermatology is committed to providing exceptional care for all your skincare needs. When you come across a new mole or growth on your skin, it’s important to closely monitor it for any changes in texture, color, size, borders, and symmetry. Please feel free to schedule an appointment with us by calling (941) 308-7546 if you notice any changes in your mole.

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