Love is in the air inside SkinSmart Dermatology in Sarasota, puppy love to be exact.  Move over chocolate and flowers, puppies were delivered Tuesday!

"When I got the email the other day I thought we're such animal loves here at the office, what a better idea to support Nate’s and have a puppy gram delivered on Valentine’s Day," said Dr.  Elizabeth Callahan.

 It’s safe to assume that, as with most everything else, New Year’s resolutions will look a little different this year thanks to the ongoing pandemic. And for many of us, well-being has not only become more than a priority in the last years—it’s now an essential part of our daily routine.

When it comes to beauty, a routine-turned ritual is a wonderful, and attainable, resolution to add to your list. We asked four local beauty pros for their personal pampering goals for 2022. As the mind/body yogis say, “Take what you need, leave the rest behind.”

It’s the height of summer in Florida, which means two things: heat and sun. And with the hot rays beating down, we have to be more careful than ever about protecting our skin. So how can we determine which sunscreen is best for us? Dr. Elizabeth Callahan from Sarasota’s Skinsmart Dermatology shares some tips.

The sweat-wicking products don’t have the best reputation. But physicians say they’re not harmful.

Summer is here and for many of us, that means more sweat. We turn to anti-perspirants to keep us dry, but what exactly are in these products? And are they safe to use? Dr. Elizabeth Callahan at SkinSmart Dermatology tells us more about these sweat-wicking products, and some alternatives if you are concerned about what goes into a traditional anti-perspirant.

There is an abundance of unmistakable summer sounds that signal your arrival at the beach. The thwack of a towel being snapped out onto the sand. The gleeful screams of young children chasing one another into the water, popsicles in hand. The callous cries of the seagulls you try so hard to hide your food from every time you visit.

But wait. You inhale a little. Ah, yes, it’s not just the sound of the area, but it’s also another prominent and familiar beach trait: the smell of sunscreen.

A year ago, Dr. Elizabeth Callahan froze a precancerous spot off the top of my head. "You get a lot of sun," she said with a slight frown. Well, yeah. She advised I give skin protection a little more thought. And I did, too. Well, for the most part.

I pulled an oops earlier this month when I covered the USRowing Youth National Championships at Nathan Benderson Park. I loaded up my camera and notebook, and left my hat on the front seat of the car. After walking to the Finish Tower, it hit me what I had done.

I knew about melanoma, the most serious form of skin cancer, I just never thought about it. When I was young, I had been told all about the dangers of sun exposure, but I thought everyone had that same burn-first, tan-later philosophy. You went to the beach, fell asleep in the sand, turned into a tomato, then really started your vacation.

If you’re thinking about trying dermal fillers, cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Callahan shares insight and eases first time fears. Friends, gone are the days of having to endure obvious lines and wrinkles. So if you’re contemplating hiding the evidence of the lazy beach days or hangovers of your 20s, and find yourself curious about fillers, then you’re in the right place.


We always hear about the importance of skin cancer screenings, and for our host Linda Carson, it hit close to home! Check out this interview with Dr. Elizabeth Callahan where they discussed how an early detection made a world of difference for Linda.

Did you know that SkinSmart Dermatology founder Dr. Elizabeth Callahan has consistently been named to the Castle Connolly Top Doctors list 7 years running? Just one of the many reasons I opted to try SkinHydration from her private label skincare line called SkinSmart Solutions. What I love best is that it’s intensely hydrating for such a super light product and, best of all, non-greasy. My next fave thing about it? The price. SkinSmart Dermatology, $27.

As founder and medical director of Sarasota’s SkinSmart Dermatology, Dr. Elizabeth Callahan has earned a national reputation for bringing advanced effective solutions, personal attention and exceptional results to her patients.

A fellowship-trained Mohs skin cancer surgeon, Dr. William Adams is a board-certified dermatologist whose professional career is dedicated to the prevention and treatment of skin cancer.

Next-generation facial fillers come to the Suncoast

sarasota magazine cover june 2016

Dr. Elizabeth Callahan Chosen As A Top Doctor For 2016!

SkinSmart’s Founder and Medical Director, Dr. Elizabeth Callahan was chosen by her peers for the sixth year in a row as a top dermatologist! Congratulations to all area physicians who made the list!

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Dr. Callahan Explains Skin Cancer on The Suncoast View

Watch Our YouTube Video Featuring Dr. Callahan!

She explains what Kybella is and what it can do for you.


SkinSmart Patient Donation Campaign To Bemefit Nate's Honor Animal Rescue Ended

Dr. Callahan is shown with Nate’s Honor Animal Rescue’s Rob Oglesby with a check from our “Perlane’s Puppies” donation campaign. The grand total for the campaign was just over $1,182! We are so proud of our generous patients who have so kindly donated $5 per stuffed puppy to Nate’s!

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