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When it comes to injectable wrinkle treatments and facial rejuvenation, having a board-certified dermatologic surgeon assess your needs and craft a plan to address those concerns is something you typically won’t get in a skincare appointment elsewhere. Dr. Elizabeth Callahan’s reputation for quality and care is known throughout Florida, and she offers patients in Venice, Sarasota, Bradenton and the Suncoast of Florida the assurance that their skin concerns and cosmetic rejuvenation desires are considered and treated with an expert eye. We use safe and results-oriented products including BOTOX® Cosmetic and Dysport® at our practice in Sarasota to achieve great results.

We believe that once you discover the SkinSmart Dermatology® difference, you won’t go anywhere else.

Healthy, beautiful skin begins at SkinSmart Dermatology®. Request a consultation or call our office in Sarasota at 941.308.7546 ext. 7330.

Who Holds the Syringe and Why It Matters

Although BOTOX Cosmetic and Dysport are very safe when used appropriately, the results you get can vary depending on who performs your procedure. Knowing how much to use and where to place it is half the equation; aesthetic judgment makes up the rest. For example, depending on where the injection is made, BOTOX and Dysport can cause your brows to be raised or lowered. It is therefore of critical importance to select an injector with the highest possible qualifications.

In many physician’s offices and medical spas in Sarasota, a nurse often performs BOTOX and Dysport injections. However, at SkinSmart Dermatology, board-certified dermatologist and dermatologic surgeon Dr. Elizabeth Callahan alone performs the injections. Her advanced fellowship training in dermatologic surgery and extensive education and knowledge of the facial muscles and structure ensure that you get the best possible results. Dr. Callahan is an injectable trainer for Allergan and shares her expertise with other dermatologists nationwide.

Dilution is Key

BOTOX and Dysport can make a big difference for most people, but getting the best results depends upon finding an experienced injector who uses freshly reconstituted BOTOX and who varies the amount of BOTOX that is administered according to each patient’s individual needs.

BOTOX at one practice may not be the same as BOTOX at another practice. Before BOTOX is injected, it must be prepared by adding saline to the BOTOX vial. The more saline that is added to the BOTOX vial, the more diluted the solution becomes. Practices can determine how “diluted” they want to make the BOTOX for injection and may “water down” the BOTOX without increasing the commensurate amount injected. As a result, you may not be receiving the optimal units for best effects. At SkinSmart Dermatology, we carefully examine each patient to determine the number of units required to achieve the desired results.

SkinSmart Dermatology has a standardized policy for dilution to ensure quality and consistency in outcomes. We quote our patients’ treatments in units–never by cc or volume. Therefore, you know exactly the cost of your treatment based on the units you have received. Dr. Elizabeth Callahan believes that “one size does not fit all,” and achieves a better result when she selects the exact amount of units you need.

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