Why Choose a Dermatologic Surgeon?

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The Sarasota area has no shortage of dermatologists. Why would a patient insist on seeing a fellowship-trained dermatologic surgeon to treat their skin cancer?

Specialized Training

The training and expertise required to become a dermatologic surgeon continues beyond a traditional dermatology residency. A Mohs fellowship-trained dermatologic surgeon receives an additional one to two years of advanced Mohs micrographic surgery course of study accredited by the American College of Mohs Surgery and soon will be accredited by the American Board of Medical Specialties. During training, thousands of surgeries are completed under the supervision of an accredited Mohs surgeon. The fellowship also includes advanced reconstructive and cosmetic treatment of skin conditions.

The advanced fellowship training offers the highest level of experience and patient care, but also makes this type of physician a rare find. Dermatologic surgeons are physicians who have unique qualifications and proficiencies in the use of a wide variety of surgical (Mohs Surgery) and non-surgical methods of diagnosing and treating the skin, hair and nails.

What Makes Dermatologic Surgeons Special?

Dermatologic surgeons stand at the forefront of their field. When it comes to both medical and cosmetic skin care, dermatologic surgeons are pioneers in the development, refinement and advancement of many of today’s most effective treatments, procedures and solutions. Thanks to the breakthroughs by these experts, most dermatologic surgeries are now minimally invasive and require only local or regional anesthesia. This translates into superior patient safety while reducing the all-important downtime and recovery period.

SkinSmart’s Fellowship-Trained Mohs Surgeons

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