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Summer Sun Damage Prevention For Older Adults

With summer firmly here, the bright, warm sun rays make us want to have fun grilling with loved ones, relaxing days at the beach, and trips with the family. However, if you aren’t careful, those intense UV rays can be dangerous, at best cutting your summer short and at worst causing damage to your skin and health. The older we get, the more important it is to pay attention to our skin’s health– the lax attitude of our youth isn’t something we can afford to engage with anymore. For older adults, summer skin care is increasingly important. If you’re looking to have the most fun this summer while keeping your UV exposure and sun safety at the top of your mind, keep reading to learn ways to prevent sun damage for older adults this summer!

Re-Apply Sunscreen

By now, we don’t have to tell you that sunscreen is important. But did you know that re-applying sunscreen is just as, if not more, important? A good rule of thumb for reapplication is every two hours; however, if the sun is extra bright, or if you’ve been sweating or engaging in activities such as water sports that can wash away the sunscreen, then you can reapply even earlier than that.

Wear Sunglasses

Most people know that the sun can damage their skin through harmful UV rays; however, did you know that the same rays that can hurt your skin can hurt your eyes? To prevent vision damage, make sure to wear UV-blocking sunglasses when you’re outside, especially when you’re going to be in areas that are highly reflective such as near bodies of water or at the beach.

Ask Your Doctor About Interactions Between Sun And Medications

When you’re in areas like Sarasota, Florida, the sun can sometimes not be your friend. And, if you’re on certain types of medication, the sun can even be an enemy. Make sure to consult your doctor about the potential interaction between the sun and any medications you are on.

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