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“I would like to take the time to Thank the team at skin smart dermatology. My doctors gave me a referral biop. Long story short it was the wrong field. Your team took the time to explain the error on there behalf. Not knowing my backstory. I have been sick for almost two years and have seen a lot of doctors and practices. Your teams professional and diligent work made me feel like their are still good practices in the world. I apologize for the inconvenience of the mistake my doctors secretary made. Instead of making me feel stupid. Which I have experienced many times in this past 2 yrs. Your team made me feel welcome and still took the time to give me care and check my skin anyways. The team took the time and care even though this mistake occurred. The diligence and care of the fantastic team at  Skin Smart Dermatology. Not only is it a direct reflection of the lead physician and office manager. It gave me a sense of hope. Not only is there still not just good but above reproach and awesome doctors  and doctors teams are out there. I look forward too my check in a year. If only I could have you and your teams excellence  as my primary care team.”

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