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Important summer skin tips for effective sun protection

At SkinSmart Dermatology of Sarasota, Florida, patients in and around the community need to be well aware of the importance of taking care of their skin—especially during the sunny summer months! Drs. Elizabeth Callahan and William Adams encourage patients to be more protective of their skin during these times to significantly reduce their risk of developing skin cancer. Below are several tips and recommendations from our SkinSmart Dermatology team to help protect the skin while enjoying the summer sun. 

  • Change up your summer skincare routine. The same routine you use during the summer months to cleanse and care for your skin will likely change during the winter. Make sure your skin is not only hydrated and cared for, but protected from the sun’s rays with sunscreen.
  • Keep the skin moisturized. Because we sweat a lot and experience oily skin during the summer months, we often skip the moisturizer, but this only makes skin worse. Keep your skin moisturized to avoid stressed skin.
  • Don’t forget the sunscreen! Even if you are out for just a few minutes, skin protection is key during the summer. Use a high SPF sunscreen on the exposed skin every day.
  • Avoid extended time in the sun during the day when the sun’s rays are the strongest. This is often between the hours of 10am and 4pm. If you must be out, be sure you reapply sunscreen as directed and use products that provide shade such as hats or umbrellas when possible.
  • Attend routine skin cancer screenings. Skin cancer is easier to treat when it is found in the earliest stages. We recommend screening for skin cancer annually to catch the early signs of trouble. If you notice any unusual skin growths, changes to moles, or skin abnormalities, it is always a good idea to schedule an evaluation with a professional.

Learn more about how to care for your skin during the summer months 

Avoiding the development of skin cancer is critical to one’s health and wellness. If you are spending time outside in the area of Sarasota, Florida, and want to discuss your sun protection needs with an experienced dermatologist, connect with Drs. Elizabeth Callahan and William Adams of SkinSmart Dermatology today! Our office is located at 5911 North Honore Avenue, Suite #210, and can be reached at (941) 308-7546.

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