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How to Soften Fine Lines and Wrinkles

At SkinSmart Dermatology, we see patients with a variety of medical dermatology concerns such as acne or eczema. But we also work with patients who are interested in products or services that can help them look and feel their best. When the early signs of aging begin to show, many men and women will speak to a dermatologist about their options. While plastic surgeries such as facelifts are often a solution for fine lines, wrinkles, and skin laxity, not everyone is a viable candidate. Instead, Drs. Elizabeth Callahan and William Adams of Sarasota, FL will often recommend solutions such as cosmetic injectables to soften these imperfections on the skin and assist in maintaining a more youthful appearance. 

What are cosmetic injectables and how do they work? 

There are a few different types of injectables that are used to turn back the hands of time. Fine lines, wrinkles, and folds are easily addressed with these injectables, which can be reinjected as needed to maintain results longer. The two types of injectables that might be recommended to patients who visit SkinSmart Dermatology includes neuromodulators and dermal fillers. 

  • Neuromodulators – neuromodulators, including Botox and Dysport, work by reducing muscle contractions. Patients who have dynamic wrinkles and folds on the face caused by tensing of the muscles of the face will benefit most from this type of cosmetic injectables. The muscles are relaxed and result in the smoothing of fine lines and wrinkles on the upper third of the face. These are best for addressing forehead lines, glabellar lines, and crow’s feet.
  • Dermal fillers – another option is that of the dermal filler, which is a carrier gel with hyaluronic acid. These fillers are administered directly into the lines and wrinkles to add volume and soften these imperfections.

Are you interested in learning more about cosmetic injectables? 

Instead of going right to a plastic surgeon to help with fine lines and wrinkles, we encourage you to book an appointment with our team in Sarasota, FL. Drs. Elizabeth Callahan and William Adams are here to help at SkinSmart Dermatology. Call (941) 308-7546 to book an appointment at 5911 North Honore Avenue, Suite #210. 

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